Flipbook Maker Review

★★★☆☆ Score: 6 out of 10✓ Vetted Review✓ Verified UserSoftware: FlipBook MakerCompany: KvisoftPrice: $97.00 – $297.00Operating system: windows Win mac MacLatest stable version: 4.3.3Kvisoft website: here external

What is FlipBook Maker

FlipBook Maker is software under the development and distribution of Kvisoft, a Chinese software development firm for Macintosh and Windows platforms.

Kvisoft has been around since 2011, taking up the task to design a simplified and convenient user interface. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, FlipBook Maker has shown that the system has a variety of settings that suits the user’s needs.

It comes at an attractive price of $97.00 – $297.00. Besides, its system requirements are at a minimum compared to the other similar systems.

But is it really that good? Read on to learn the truth.

Image: Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Overview.

Table of contents:

  1. What is FlipBook Maker?
  2. Overview
  3. Basic Functions
  4. Document Import
  5. Re-arrangement of Files
  6. PDF Conversion
  7. Editing the FlipBooks
  8. Advanced Settings
  9. Saving Documents
  10. Benefits
  11. Conclusion


Gone are the days when people were required to read a text to source crucial information. Even with the internet gaining popularity in our contemporary society, online writing and blog reading have dramatically gone down.

The internet, in particular, is an excellent tool for reaching out to a vast number of people globally. Nonetheless, with the saturation being evidenced in the area of the textual audience.

Other means are slowly being adopted by people to keep abreast with today’s digital world. A good example is a Flipbook. Well, this digital system is nothing short of awesome.

If you are yet to give it a try, you sure are certainly missing out. Most people aiming to increase their audience by offering customized content and ideas they seek are now using this incredible FlipBook Maker.

Functions of FlipBook Maker

1. Document Import

Most FlipBook Maker reviews indicate that the software significantly supports the importation of PDF documents, images, and flash files. Even more fascinating, it allows for all types of files imported to be compressed at whatever percentage ratio deemed fit.

Besides, if you are looking to output your files, you are at liberty to format your pages, modify their width and length, and give them your preferred rasterization. For PDF documents, you can go ahead and import a range of pages in this format.

2. Re-arrangement of Files

FlipBook Maker allows for the rearrangement of imported documents in your flipbook. Whether you have imported documents in PDF, images, or SWF files, you can rearrange them manually to suit your needs using the Page Manager.

Also, in the process of reorganizing your files, the Page Manager offers you a clear option of discarding irrelevant pages in your collection of documents to avoid over-stuffing your flipbook.

3. PDF Conversion

FlipBook Maker review shows that many users utilize the software to convert their PDF publications into more interactive and friendly flipbooks.

This way, it increases interactivity both in the office and also between you and your audience. Interacting with the flipbook is on a real-time basis and also comes along with additional options and features.

4. Editing the FlipBooks

FlipBook Maker is embedded with 28 inbuilt templates that make it possible for users to create and modify the appearance of publications smoothly and swiftly. The templates come with their unique designs and background images.

This addition allows users to change their documents according to their personal preferences. If you are looking to add a title, image, logo, music to your publication easily or protect it with a password or tracker, then you should acquire a FlipBook Maker.

FlipBook Maker also includes a powerful page editor that works to add engaging media content and interactive features. Hence, if you are seeking to insert links, preset animated buttons, videos, and customizable animation texts to perform actions within a publication or web page, this digital system will sort you out.

5. Advanced Settings

FlipBook Maker review also indicates that it puts into consideration the needs of advanced users. The software enables them to apply hardcover effects to publications, they get to choose animated loaders, change the page flipping, and speed animation.

You can also adjust page thickness, zoom magnification, and set time delays for automatic page flipping. Furthermore, it has additional publication features that allow users to create content tables and add coloring pages to highlight main sections.

This makes navigation within a publication and all through the flipbook easier.

6. Saving Documents

While using FlipBook Maker, the saving of publications is made easy. Whether you are looking to save your documents as a set of HTML files, ZIP archive, or offline applications for Windows and Mac, or a single SWF file to upload to a web server or copy to an external storage device, this software suits your needs.

Moreover, after the upload, it makes it possible to create your FlipBook Maker review using a browser. In the case of mobile devices, your publications can readily be seen in an HTML version.

7. Benefits

  1. User-friendly features and user interface- To make use of the FlipBook Maker; you do not require prior experience. Its features can engage any user without any technical knowledge or requirements.
  2. Fun and entertaining- With increased audience engagement, users do not get bored nor are they frustrated. It eliminates clouding and ensures that the elements of the software move at a good enough speed to capture people’s interest.
  3. Privacy- It is not on an everyday occasion that you feel like sharing your Flipbook. In such instances, you can limit your audience and only grant permission to a few. You can also opt, to monetize your eBook and allow only those who have paid to view it.
  4. Ready templates- A boring page attracts no audience. Luckily, FlipBook Maker comes with templates that enable the background of your publications to look attractive. Hence, you are guaranteed of colorful documents if you want to make use of them.

Honestly speaking, making use of FlipBook Maker review predisposes you to knowledge and a great lot of features and benefits that come with this software. Its digital power is insurmountable, and giving it a try would not be too much to ask if you are looking to improve the content of your publications.

Integrating it into your business is a prudent choice because it gives your website a better online presence. Furthermore, FlipBook Maker not only attracts more customers to your business but also tremendously improves the efficiency of your operations.