Online Flipping Book Review

Online publishing is rarely simple. Doing it well can be downright hard. For someone like me who uses 3D brochures and other digital publications to grow my business, a digital publishing platform can be the easiest and best way to do it well consistently and in a cost-efficient manner.

My Review

★★★★☆ Score: 8 out of 10✓ Vetted Review ✓ Verified UserSoftware: Online Flipping Book
Company: i-mag.comPrice: €1.00 – €99.00
Operating system: windows Win mac Maci-Mag website: here external I was seeking an ePaper service that could not only handle a 3D brochure that had grown into what was essentially a full-blown monthly magazine but could introduce new readers to my content. I had tried several options with reasonable success when I found iMag. The iMag platform was everything I wanted from a service like this and even delivered in some rather unexpected ways.


User Engagement

Like many content creators, I create different types of media. It lets me reach new audiences, but I also do it because some content is better suited to a certain medium, such as a video or podcast rather than the articles and photos that make up most of the online flipping book that I distribute each month.

The iMag service gives me the tools to integrate all of this content. Using the iMag Power Editor, I can embed my videos from YouTube inline. Similarly, I can insert audio files that range from sound bites to full-length podcasts on real estate. Inline linking is also supported, which makes it easy to channel readers to my website or to provide them resources that are hosted elsewhere on the Web.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is particularly important to what I do. I wish I had recognized that earlier in my career. Today, I work hard to have a consistent brand across all of the online flipping books and other content I publish.

iMag does not obscure my brand with their own. They also do not present my content aside related—but not mine—publications. This really irked me about some of the other platforms I had tried.

This service even helped me to establish a corporate design: colors, fonts, graphics and so forth. Then, it made it easy to insert those elements into each and every online flipping book in an easy and consistent way. My logo even automatically shows up in the embedded multimedia player.

Automatic Broad Platform Support

Another challenge I faced prior to recognizing that I needed a digital publishing tool was accommodating not just traditional web surfers but users with smartphones, tablets and other devices. While most ePaper services do provide such a service, I have been particularly pleased with the iMag approach.

iMag makes it simple. I just publish my online flipping book PDF as I would and just once. All of the major web browsers, such as Edge, Chrome and Firefox, are automatically supported. If someone uses a phone, for instance, a built-in optimization tool automatically sizes it and works behind the scenes to keep load times to a minimum. This is great when I show people my brochure on my phone as well.

Lead Generation

I mentioned in the opener that I wanted more than just a better way to publish my online flipping book. The iMag approach provides me two tools for this. The first tool is a form builder for my magazine. For readers, getting an answer to a question or even a quote is as simple as completing a brief form.

The forms do not necessarily have to be that direct or official either. I can, for instance, create a small poll alongside an article and collect that data in order to gauge my readers’ opinions.

The other tool is external. It makes my publication available to readers seeking information concerning house flipping. iMag has tools in place so that I can easily create excerpts that guests can read.

Maximize Growth and Increase Sales

A big part of what made me fall in love with iMag early on was that I saw an almost immediate improvement in how my online flipping books were ranking as well as the incoming traffic.

I am much more focused on writing natural content than incorporating particular keywords. That has not always served me well. But iMag automatically optimizes my publications to current SEO standards.

With iMag, I went from reaching a hundred new people each month to reaching several thousand. Better yet, this success has not been limited to just my online flipping books. I have felt the influx of traffic on my website, on my YouTube channel, and across my social media accounts.

iMag automatically extracts images from my PDF files and makes them available via Google. It is amazing how many people find me by searching for a particular home feature through Google images. I also have the tools to publish brochures or individual aspects to Facebook and similar social media platforms, and I have increased profits by selling ad space in my magazines to relevant businesses.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool and automatically included with iMag. The platform makes it simple to see how your readers are interacting with all of your content. I had a particular column that I adored until I realized the reader time on the page was next to nothing. It was not grabbing their attention, but several iterations later, I was able to deliver the same information but in a way that was!

Privacy Options

My main publication is free to the public. I will also from time to time make a publication that is specific to an individual or company. I can still use iMag by assigning the appropriate privacy settings. Password protection is one option, but it goes beyond that and includes encryption and the like.

More recently, I have started using Patreon, which lets people who are appreciative of my efforts fund them. I now publish an exclusive add-on to my monthly magazine that is only for patrons, and they access that content with a link that I provide them and is automatically updated each month.

No Fine Print

iMag has changed the way I reach my audience and new audiences with my online flipping book. I highly recommend it. You can try it yourself for an entire month for just $1 with absolutely no strings attached!